Egg donation


– Fluent Italian , english physician and embryologist with international experience and competences use the most modern technology

-Brand new clinic with cutting-edge technologies oriented exclusively to foreign patients

*Doctor and embryologist with international experience and skills use the most modern technology.

*67% of clinical pregnancies confirmed


Stay in Athens for only 1 day

*customized therapeutic planes tailored to your needs.

*Unbeatable guarantees, including the minimum of 7 mature healthy oocytes and 2 embryos ready for transfer.

*Our database consists of young, extensively analyzed and healthy donors, compatible with your characteristics.

*We can search donors and donors in our database to find a best choice for you within 24 hours of your request.

*The donors are not shared. The donor is exclusive.


IOLIFE Assisted Reproduction Clinic is located in Athens and specializes in helping patients with fertility problems from abroad.


The price includes:


*Monitoring and consultations with doctors

*Selection of donors, analysis of donors, their compensation and drugs

*Ultrasound during the treatment

*Fertilization with the ICSI method

*Prolonged embryo culture up to the blastocyst stage


Optional costs:


*Vitrification (high speed freezing)

*Collection and freezing of the seminal fluid

*Any decongelations and transfers after the first, for cryopreserved embryos – by attempt




*Selection of the donor compatible with the recipient according to your requirements (height, weight, eye color, hair color, blood type).

*We guarantee 7 mature oocytes and two healthy embryos for the transfer in the case of normozoospermia without serious diseases.

*In case the donor does not produce enough oocytes, we will give you a new treatment with a new donor without any additional cost


The first visit to the IOLIFE clinic in Athens, Greece


Preferably complete all the analyzes and then send us the results by email.

It is also possible to complete them at the IOLIFE clinic on the day of your first visit.


You will see our structure and meet personally Dr. Athanasios Garavelas, the doctor, who will follow you during the initial consultation and will take care of you during the whole treatment of egg donation.

In general we can offer an initial consultation in clinic within a week, and for your convenience, we offer these appointments from Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm

You can come here to Athens, have a consultations and return home the same day.

During the first interview you can perform all the analyzes necessary for treatment, consultation with the doctor and freezing of the seminal fluid. The price of the first interview is 100 euros and will be returned once you decide to go ahead with the egg donation program at our clinic.


Alternatively, you may start the treatment without being absolutely necessary to make an appointment for the first visit in Athens. You complete the medical questionnaire, send us via e-mail all the required analysis and the doctor will provide you the appropriate protocol to follow.


The preparation begins on the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle. After about 10 days from the beginning of the preparation, it is necessary to visit your doctor to make an ultrasound in order to check the thickness of the endometrium, or you can also get to Athens and visit our clinic to perform this ultrasound from us .


Around the 12th day of the preparation the donor’s oocytes will be collected under general anesthesia. On the same day, a sperm sample will be collected for fertilization (in case you have not left the semen to be frozen on the day of the first visit or if you will not use seed from the donor). Embryo culture lasts between 3-5 days and it is possible to talk every day with the embryologist to know how many embryos there is and what is happening with their development.


Around the 15th – 17th day from the beginning of the preparation the embryo will be transferred. At the moment we transfer 1-2 embryos. The quantity of embryos to be transferred will be discussed and decided with the patient, doctor and embryologist. Unused and healthy embryos can be frozen and used later if the first attempt has not been successful.

15 days after the embryo transfer, the pregnancy test will take place.

Duration of your stay in Athens will be about 3 days if you wish to use frozen semen from the day of your first visit and undergo an ultrasound on the 10th day of home preparation by sending us the results by email. Better is arriving one day before the embryo’s transfer.

Your total stay in Athens is about 7 days if you do the ultrasound on the 10th day of home preparation and send us the results by email. You will arrive one day before the oocyte retrieval to leave the sample of fresh semen.


Your total stay in Athens is about 10 days if you want to perform an ultrasound on the 10th day of preparation here in the clinic. In that you arrive at the clinic on the day of the ultrasound.

The stay of the male partner in Athens can be reduced to just one or two days.

Donations in Greece are anonymous. We do not have a short waiting time to find the right donor. Our donors are mostly made up of university students. At our center, all donors must undergo blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases and examinations for genetic defects in order to ensure safety for you and your child. You can choose the color of the eyes, hair, body weight, height and blood type of the donor. Our program is based on the “one-to-one” principle of matching, which means that a donor is assigned to each recipient and all oocytes from the donor are available only for you.

Analysis for the patient – woman: blood group and Rh factor

Blood Test for STDs ( hepatitis B and C, HIV, Syphilis ), CMV IgG/IgM, Rubella IgG/IgM, Toxoplasmosis IgG/IgM

It can be performed at our clinic at any time, mandatory exam

Ultrasound of the uterus and fallopian tubes

In case you come for an initial consultation this exam is included in the price of the program (in case of online consultation it is necessary to send us a scan of the exam via email before starting the treatment

Analysis for the patient – man:

Blood test for STDs (hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis) and spermiogram

Cystic fibrosis

Everything can be performed at our clinic at any time, mandatory exams

We advise you to undergo all these tests recommended in your country.


We can provide all the analyzes here in Greece and it will take a couple of days to complete them. Please pay the deposit in advance by bank transfer / cash at the time you confirm the treatment (the deposit covers the cost of drugs for the stimulation of the donor). The remaining amount must be paid  the date of the embryo transfer (we accept cash, credit cards, or bank transfer).


Percentages of Success


Thanks to our cutting-edge technologies we achieve success rate of 80% for egg donation.

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