Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing provided by IO Life IASO

In today’s world, many women are considering delaying the starting of a family, for those women egg freezing presents a viable option allowing eggs to be frozen at a healthy ovarian egg for future use.

Egg freezing and later use of is a specialist service and at our clinic we provide a bespoke service to all our egg freezing patients, from providing advice and initial tests to determine suitability to complete egg freezing.  Also we can offer appropriate advice, investigations, treatments and support, both to couples and single women. Our bespoke egg freezing service provides an egg freezing service for women but can be treated knowing that should their needs change in the future Fertility IO Life is a well first class fertility clinic that can cater for all fertility needs.

If you are considering delaying starting your family contact us to discuss egg freezing needs

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