We have assembled a group of best scientists in assisted reproduction. Our Doctors are trained / qualified and certified in states with characteristic signs of the most recognized scientific research communities in the world, such as England (MRCOG), Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States (Certificate on the Edge), which can handle more cases difficult and communicating with the international patient in their mother tongue. Our embryologists are internationally trained, certified by ESHRE, have extensive experience and are only satisfied with excellent embryological results.


Our patients need to feel they are in a safe environment. Located in IASO installations, Greece’s largest maternity hospital and one of the largest in Europe, it gives our patients the sense of security, knowing that a full spectrum of medical services are available to them, if it will be necessary. Even the rare case of a complication can be addressed with a suitable and appropriate style, something that cannot happen in non-hospital complexes.


We are one of the pioneers in Europe who has purchased the RI witness system. This system uses RFID technology to track and record patient assays. In this way the possibility of human error in FIV laboratories is eliminated. Our patients can be assured that everything possible is done to make the highest insurance in care cycles.

Everything in the lab is under the constant surveillance of OCTAX Log & GuardTM, the first surveillance and alarm system, specially designed to cover all the needs of assisted reproduction. In this way we can be sure that laboratory conditions are good all the time and that any problem can be immediately identified and resolved.


We are the only ART unit in Greece that has reached Temos certification status. A neutral and independent certification body with headquarters in Germany that certifies qualified and qualified medical facilities for the treatment of international patients. It focuses on medical tourism and helps patients seeking treatment abroad to make the right choice. Our unit meets the ISO 9001 standards for quality and safety.


Our results are great. We are continually far above the average, certified and announced on our site.


This is the best asset of the Institute of Life. We do not want the couple to feel like just another case number. Every couple is visited by a fertility specialist at each visit, from initial consultation to pregnancy confinement. Having the same doctor who follows the couple at each visit and being there at every step of the process develops a great and rewarding relationship. All patients can have direct access to our doctors all hours of the day and not to a response service. Our group of doctors, nurses and all IOLIFE staff are proud to offer the patient the personal care they deserve.

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