Operating Licence

Operating Licence for the Institute Of Life Unit – IASO and the Oocyte Cryopreservation Bank by the National Medical Assisted Reproduction Authority (EAYYA)

Of the first IVF units licensed in our country, the MIAA Institute Of Life – IASO! Is the National Agency of Medical Assisted Reproduction (EAYYA). The authorization of the Unit was published in the Government Gazette. Of December 12, no. Sheet 3969. In the same Gazette The licensing of the Institute of Life Unit – IASO Unit of Cryopreservation Banking was also published.

Since its inception about a year ago, the Management and Scientific Staff of the Institute of Life, IASO, have prioritized the objective of licensing it in order to operate within the legal framework that sets standards for Facilities, personnel, laboratories, quality management systems and, more generally, its operating procedures.

The same importance has been given to complying with the necessary procedure for licensing the Oocyte Cryopreservation Bank, always taking into account the benefit of couples or individuals who trust MIAA Institute Of Life – IASO to make their dream come true children.

The National Medical Assisted Reproduction Authority

The National Agency for Medical Assisted Reproduction is the competent state body that sets and controls the scientific, legal and ethical frameworks of the operation of assisted reproductive services. The Common Framework for the Operation of Assisted Reproduction Units (IMS) primarily ensures that women and prospective couples receive the services they receive is secure and reliable. For these reasons, the Authority was mandated to reopen in March 2014 in order to fill the gap in the field of assisted reproduction and to harmonize the operation of Units providing related services.

The aim of the Authority is to safeguard the benefit of the citizens and to strengthen the work of the Medical Assisted Reproduction Units, through their perfectly legitimate functioning as defined by the Greek and European regulatory frameworks.

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