Even before getting pregnant we strongly advise for a pre-pregnancy counselling appointment to discuss various issues, identify risks and offer correct advice in trying to get pregnant. We have a complete antenatal program to cover the very early stages of pregnancy including diagnosis, identification of risks, pregnancy ultrasound and investigations. At a later stage we proceed to the prenatal screening for Down’s Syndrome and other abnormalities and at 22 weeks’ gestation we offer the level-2 detailed ultrasound for structural fetal abnormalities. Regular screening is carried out for diabetes and other medical conditions in pregnancy and we also manage high risk pregnancies such as twins, pre-eclampsia, thyroid problems and complicated obstetric history.

Early Pregnancy Scanning:

  • Early pregnancy scanning can be used to
  • Exclude ectopic pregnancies
  • Confirm the gestational age
  • Exclude twins
  • Confirm viability

Nuchal translucency scans are performed at 12 weeks and in conjunction with a blood test a risk for Down’s Syndrome is calculated.

Fetal anomaly scans are performed at 20 weeks to exclude fetal abnormalities. A detailed scan of all the fetal organs is carried out. Fetal Doppler scans are used to assess fetal wellbeing after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

3d scans are useful to examine the external features of the baby, best done from 24-34 weeks’ gestation.

Fetal sexing can be determined from 16 weeks of gestation. It’s possible to perform earlier but may not be as accurate.

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