Why choose us

Treatments from abroad

We currently accept patients from UK and the rest of the world for all fertility treatments.

Our aim is to support you with the treatment you require, giving you all the information and advice you need. We want our patients to have a good experience and to feel respected, supported and looked after at all times. We care for you in an environment that is comfortable and a relaxed setting and we treat everyone individually and the treatment process we follow is tailored to each patient’s requirements. So you can trust that we will support you every step on the way.

Each case is unique. Our comprehensive treatments are carefully tailored to the needs of the individual, guaranteeing the best possible results. It is not about making miracles. It is about helping nature take its course when it cannot do it on its own.

In collaboration with embryo tools, we created a model unit into the premises of the maternity hospital IASO. We have assembled a top team of scientists in assisted reproduction ready to face even the most difficult cases.

With fully personalized treatments, adjusted to each pair separately, we guarantee the maximum safety and quality. We use the most advanced technology and apply innovative treatments and techniques.

We can perform the investigations needed prior to any fertility treatments, or in order minimize your stay in Greece, we can guide you to performing simple non-invasive investigations (blood tests and Ultrasound scans) in advance so you can be ready to start your treatment. Please contact us for details and coordinating the process.

What make us different?

  • Individualized, patient focused care
  • Outstanding Results
  • Continuity of Care
  • High patient satisfaction levels with affordable IVF Abroad Treatments packages for the needy
  • Latest technologies applied – Our management system RI Witness, which monitors and records patient’s samples in each step of the process of assisted reproduction, operates as a safety net, giving confidence to our patients
  • No waiting lists: The high number of treatments at IO Life IASO allows us to connect with enough donors of many different nationalities, avoiding waiting lists.
  • The most appropriate donor: for egg donation, we have a team who specialize in finding the donor who most fits your physical characteristics.

Why choose us?

Because, above all, we put all our efforts to make your dream come true. At IOLIFE-IASO, you can feel comfortably from day one, for here you will meet an experienced and fully-specialized team. Professionalism, availability and a warm welcome are the least we can offer you. We are here to adapt to your needs, not the other way around. Our treatments are fully customized and guarantee maximum safety and quality. So, feel safe and put your trust in us. Not only because we use the most advanced technology in Assisted Reproduction, but because the miracle of life is the source of our enthusiasm and commitment.

Would you like to receive more info?

Please complete the following form, send us an email at support@garavelas.com, or give us a call at +448449869886

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