Who we are


The Institute of Life, one of the largest and most advanced Assisted Reproduction Centers in Europe, is created in “IASO”, the Gynecological and Obstetric Clinic culminating in Greece. We use the most advanced technology by applying innovative care and techniques so that through higher operating models we offer security to couples who visit us.

Our doctors follow the European standards of care and intervention standards. The IOLIFE Scientific Coordinator is Dr. Garavelas Attanasio, MD, Msc, MMSC, Phd and will provide the best quality of medical care. He has a Master on High Risk Pregnancy and  Master in Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine.

Our action is synonymous with innovation, research and the adoption of latest generation technology in assisted reproduction. Our vision is that IOLIFE is recognized as the Center for Excellence for Assisted Reproduction in Greece and across Europe.

IOLIFE, following the international certified standards of operation, manages to have all the conditions to be the first choice of infertile couples in Greece and abroad who want to become parents.

Among our benefits are also sincere and realistic orientation, psychological support, along with the most advanced medical procedures that guarantee particularly high success rates.

A fundamental value for us is our commitment to always provide the objective image of the situation to each pair so as to take the decision together whenever appropriate on the treatment plan. So we can guarantee individual care for each couple who is addressing IOLIFE, depending on the different medical needs.

Understanding the specific needs of couples who turn to us allows us to always provide immediate care and attention to be their loyal companions to this unique “journey” to the conception and birth of a healthy child.