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Fertility Counseling

Infertility affects more than just the person struggling to have a baby. In fact, medical research shows that families of a person experiencing one or more types of infertility are more likely to have emotional side effects.

Garavelas Medical Group-Iolife approaches fertility holistically, taking into account your mind and body. The infertility journey is full of stress and emotion, both good and bad.

Common feelings include:

  • Who do I tell about my infertility? How much should I tell my work?
  • How do I handle the news that I am infertile?
  • What do I do after a miscarriage?
  • What if I feel lost with medical terms and protocol?
  • I feel crazy with all these hormones!
  • The waiting is nerve wracking.
  • My schedule is crazy already.
  • Will I make a good parent?
  • Why are we fighting so much at home?
  • My sexuality is private, but I want a family. How do I handle that?

You Are Not Alone

There are many more feelings that go hand in hand with fertility services. But the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Treatments often become the most important focus of your life. So much so that the rest of your life spins out of control. This can be difficult to deal with and hurt your chance of becoming pregnant

We’re Here to Help

Here at this Garavelas Medical Group you are part of our family. We offer extensive fertility counseling services to support you in exactly the ways that you need.

The best thing might be the knowledge that you have a support counselor by your side, every step of the way.

We Treat You with Compassion

Our fertility counseling services are comprehensive and will involve not just you, the patient, but everyone in your family that matters including your partner, spouse, parents, siblings, or current children. No two cases are the same, and our approach will vary based on your specific needs. But our fertility counseling services are available to anyone who needs them.