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Genetic Controls

Thanks to these tests, we work more safely and with the possibility of reducing the risk of genetic disease in the future baby even before taking the first step.

If you or your partner have experience with genetic disorders in your family or simply need the security that comes from utilizing the best resources available, it is important to consider the use of genetic testing during your treatment. Not only does this state-of-the-art technology make IVF safer, as we are reducing the risk of pregnancy loss, but it also reduces the chance (and cost) of multiple cycles since we may ensure transfer of only the healthiest embryos.

The availability of genetic testing also allows our center to highlight the benefits of our “less is more” philosophy, which focuses on single embryo transfers to reduce the chance of multiple pregnancies. Transferring multiple embryos and resulting multiple pregnancies/births are stressful on the uterine environment, significantly decreasing the chance of a healthy pregnancy and increasing the chance of premature births.

Additional fertility tests may also be recommended depending on the complexity of your case. At Garavelas Medical Group, we provide a detail-oriented and individualized approach to the diagnosis and treatment of every patient and couple in order to achieve the highest chance of success.

Embryo testing (PGD,PGS)

Preimplantation genetic testing is a technique which involves checking the genes or chromosomes of the embryos , created through IVF or ICSI, before they are

Advanced Genomic Testing

In cooperation with Intergenetics which has developed a series of new advanced genomic tests,we are able to minimize the transmission of genetic diseases to our

KIR-HLAC genotyping test

KIR and HLA-C genotyping allows determining whether there is a good compatibility between KIR uterine receptors and the “foreign” HLA-C presented by the embryo. If

Endometrial Receptivity Map

The Endometrial Receptivity Map (ER Map) is a personalised test to diagnose the receptivity status of the endometrium during the window of implantation. ER Map

Non-invasive prenatal testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing or NIPT is an advanced technique for screening for aneuploidy. These safe, non-invasive tests screen for chromosomal aneuploidy using a blood sample