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Renovo2 – Reproductive Innovation

We offer alternatives to increase the success of your treatment with your own eggs

Poor ovarian response and advanced maternal age are factors that affect many of our patients, which is why we are leaders in this area of research. To offer you the latest advances and increase your chances of becoming a mother. Our goal is to minimize the effects of ovarian insufficiency so that more and more patients realize their dream of becoming mothers, and they do it with their own eggs.

A new alternative treatment in which growth factor rich plasma injections facilitate the restoration of ovarian function.

What does it consist of?

GMG IO LIFE Regenerate Ovary treatment, consists of the administration of a small amount of enriched plasma in each ovary in a procedure similar to the puncture of oocytes. It is an outpatient treatment, and the patient can return home after a brief observation period.

What is RENOVO2

RENOVO2 (Platelet Lysate )

The regenerative potential of platelet lysate (PL) and platelet gel (PG) is mediated by the release of platelets (PLTs) growth factors.

(PL), a cell free supernatant rich in growth factors, which are released from the platelets after freeze-thawing disruption of the PC.

RENOVO 2 Is a novel technology that has meant significant clinical progress in the medical field and is starting to be used as an alternative for treating cases of premature ovarian insufficiency and diminished ovarian reserve. The technology is based on the principles of regenerative medicine, the purpose of which is to restore “the biological environment,” imitating and accelerating the body’s own regeneration processes.

Based on published studies, we have observed that in 2-3 months we can have some indication of whether the treatment from GMG IO Life Renovo 2 Ovarian Treatment will be effective for the patient.

We are always aware that we will not see a dramatic increase in ovarian reserve, but enough to be able to choose IVF treatment or obtain a greater number of eggs, which is crucial for women with poor response.

There is still no conclusive data, but we think that this treatment could be indicated in women with diminished ovarian reserve.

At the same time, each case must be studied individually.

The information we have today is inconclusive in terms of ovarian quality. We have to keep in mind that, starting at 38 years old of age, there is a significant increase in the number of embryos with chromosomal abnormalities, and this does not change with these procedures.

However, in patients who respond to this treatment, there is an increase in the number of oocytes obtained.

It is one more step in increasing ovarian reserve which diminishes significantly with advancing age.

But we still have a long road ahead of us.

In any case GMG IO Life is working on a new ovarian rejuvenation technologies and is a pioneer in implementing many of them.

There are patients for whom one treatment is enough. Others receive two treatments. If we don’t achieve results with two treatments, we choose another type of treatment.

So far it has been shown that a single round of treatment is sufficient to produce the benefits of the procedure, which can be observed in 2-6 months.

Stem cell therapy can help to both reverse the effects of premature menopause and to restore fertility.

These therapies are based on processing parts of our won body, so there have been no reports of significant risk of allergic reaction or rejection of the treatment.

Our current data indicates that patients who undergo an ovarian rejuvenation procedure experience an increase in AMH levels, which in turn is associated with the possibility of obtaining more oocytes during egg retrieval.

Who is Renovo 2 PRP treatment for?

The selection criteria for Poor Ovarian Responders include:

· Patient whose AMH level was very low which was less than 0.5 to 1.2 ng/ml;

· Patients with a history of poor ovarian response having less than three eggs per cycle even after good stimulation with Gonadotrophins and patients with low estradiol levels;

· Antral Follicle Count of less than five from both ovaries;

· Patients with high FSH and LH levels does not have normal functioning ovaries, and who were in the menopausal stage;

· Lacking any other under lying disease causing female infertility;

· One patient had only one ovary and the other ovary had been removed due to torsion (Gangrenous).


The Selection criteria for Thin Endometrium includes:

· Cases with recurrent implantation failure due to thin endometrium;

· Patient who had at least one previously cancelled IVF due to thin endometrium or many attempts of IUI without success;

· Patients with less than 6 mm endometrium, even after high dosage of estradiol, excluding Polyps, Fibroids and severe Asherman’s syndrome.

Preliminary checks to be carried out before the PRP and before coming to Athens:

• Hormones Blood tests such as: FSH, LH, Estradiol, Progesterone, AMH and TSH to be tested

To do at the clinic:

• Fertiscan Global Female Infertility (genetic test that identifies genes associated with POF / ovarian dysfunction)

Informed and written will be signed in order to proceed with the treatment.For more detailed information regarding your treatment journey at IOLIFE clinic please call us today + 447427693628or send email: support@garavelas.com