Obstetrics Gynecology – MD, MSC, MMSC, Phd – Fertility Specialist

Tour the Center

On Your First Visit

When you visit us for the first time we will provide a tour of our beautiful facilities, and introduce you to our welcoming staff who will help guide you during your fertility treatment.

Garavelas Medical Group- Iolife Iaso is located in Athens.

We offer valet parking on the ground floor of our office building. Our clinical offices, laboratories, and surgery center are located on the ground floor of the building.

A Calm and Relaxing Environment

Our architect-designed space provides a calm and relaxing environment in which to undergo fertility treatment. Many of our visitors comment on the reception desk, which was created by a local Greek artist to reflect the natural forces at work in conception. The wall covering behind the banquette in the waiting room mimics the distant ocean view seen outside the windows on the south side of the room.

Each physician and IVF coordinator meets with their patients in a separate office to provide privacy during the consultations. Our program is unique in that each physician performs all the exams and procedures on his or her patients to provide continuity of care, and greater control over their clinical management.

 This high attention to detail during each treatment cycle leads to improved results and greater patient satisfaction.

Our ultrasound rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment for monitoring the ovaries and uterus during ovarian stimulation. After each office visit, patients meets their assigned IVF coordinator to review their treatment plan until the next visit.

In House Lab and Surgery Suite

 Iolife Reproductive Laboratory is our in house endocrine and andrology lab that provides seven day a week hormone testing and sperm washing for patients in treatment cycles. It is conveniently located adjacent to our waiting area and clinical exam rooms.

Our surgical suite is located on the north side of the building and is directly connected to our IVF laboratory.

During the egg aspiration procedure, the eggs are passed directly into the IVF lab via a pass through window designed to minimize stress on the recovered eggs.

This window is also helpful at the time of embryo transfer by allowing embryos to be handed directly to the physician just seconds before being transferred into the uterus.