Obstetrics Gynecology – MD, MSC, MMSC, Phd – Fertility Specialist

Step by Step

Garavelas Medical Group  understands the importance of personalized care, so from your first contact with the clinic, even before you request an appointment, you will be assigned a personal assistant to help you throughout the process, explaining the steps involved in each phase of the treatment, details of which we include below.

1. Medical consultation

As soon as you arrive at Garavelas Medical Group -Iolife , our patient care team will welcome you personally and go through the necessary information before your appointment to familiarise ourselves with your case.

This initial appointment includes a chat with one of our fertility specialists who will analyse your case and give you information about the best treatment for you. Our specialist will also discuss your test results and order any additional tests required to ensure the success of your treatment.

1.1. Sperm analysis

When necessary, we will ask you for a sperm sample to analyse in our laboratory to complete the diagnosis and determine the best strategy for achieving the best results.

1.2. Mandatory tests

Garavelas Medical Group follows WHO Patient Security recommendations, those of the Greek Health Ministry, National Patient Security Strategy and the European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care, (PaSQ). We do this to ensure your security and that of your future baby throughout the process.

Garavelas Medical Group -Iolife-IASO has its own laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for performing all the necessary tests for your treatment.

1.3. Treatment confirmation

Garavelas Medical Group is always at your disposal to help you throughout the process and to make your decision. Your doctor and the team will design and provide you with a personal treatment plan, including information about the drug protocol adapted to your needs, with detailed instructions to ensure you understand the steps to follow at all times.

Our nursing team will explain how to take your medication and give you a prescription for your treatment. As well as your doctor, the nursing team will also follow your case.

2. Embryo transfer

An embryo transfer is one of the most important moments of the treatment. It’s a simple procedure and, generally speaking, painless, but it must be performed in an operating theatre to ensure sterile conditions. Before the transfer, you will be told about the development of your embryos by the team of embryologists responsible for monitoring and supervising your case. Your doctor will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

After the transfer, you will receive a report with comprehensive information about your treatment and embryonic development. We will also give you instructions about how to take your medication and what to do on the following days.

3. Pregnancy test

Between ten and fourteen days after the embryo transfer, you must have a blood pregnancy test called β-hCG (also known as beta) to check for the presence of this hormone in blood and to confirm whether or not the treatment has been successful.

This test can be performed at I Garavelas Medical Group-Iolife-Iaso. We will give you the results personally and the necessary instructions.

4. First ultrasound scans

Approximately two weeks after confirming that your β-hCG is positive, you should have an ultrasound scan to check that your pregnancy is developing normally. As always, Garavelas Medical Group will perform these initial ultrasound scans, which are both exciting and nerve-racking, to check that everything is progressing as it should.