Obstetrics Gynecology – MD, MSC, MMSC, Phd – Fertility Specialist

24h Time-Lapse embryo monitoring

For the first time in Greece, our fully equipped Embryology laboratory has the ability to monitor on a 24-hour basis the development of ALL embryos with the latest generation Embryoscopes of Time Lapse technology
Aiming to provide excellent health services, we are entering a new era, being the only IVF Unit in Greece and one of the few in Europe that has the ability to cultivate all the embryos of the Unit in the new state-of-the-art Embryoscopes.

With the full adoption of the innovative Embryoscope Time lapse Monitoring technology:
• We monitor all the embryos in ideal culture conditions with microcameras so that their development remains undisturbed and without the need to remove them from the incubator for their observation under the microscope
• We ensure the ideal environment for the development of the fetus, without human intervention, which resembles that of the mother’s endometrium
• We select with the utmost accuracy the most suitable embryos for embryo transfer, increasing the success rates up to 41%. (Sources: Pribenszky et al: Reprod Biomed Online (2017) 35 (5): 511-520, Pribenszky et al: Reprod Biomed Online (2018) 36 (3): 290-292)
The images and videos of the embryos from the microcameras are analyzed based on morphokinetic parameters and the embryos are ranked in order according to their implantation dynamics. Selecting the most suitable fetus for transfer reduces both the miscarriage rates and the time required to achieve the pregnancy
• We collect important data by expanding the possibilities of application of Artificial Intelligence technologies (Artificial Intelligence)
This increases the chances of getting pregnant from the very first attempt!
All couples who choose our unit, can feel confident and confident that all the procedures and techniques we follow in the heart of the Center, the Embryo Laboratory, are performed with absolute safety utilizing the best that technology has to offer in the field of IVF.