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For the first time in Greece, IOLIFE Embryology Lab can monitor the development of ALL embryos around the clock, using latest generation time-lapse embryo-scopes

As part of its commitment to continuous development, Institute of Life – IASO has acquired new medical technology, becoming the first Embryology Lab in Greece to be equipped with time-lapse embryoscopes. This major investment places Institute of Life – IASO among the leading Assisted Reproduction Units worldwide.

Aiming to provide superior medical services, Institute of Life – IASO is crossing over to a new era, being the only IVF Unit in Greece and one of the few in Europe that can simultaneously cultivate all embryos within the Unit using new state-of-the-art embryoscopes.

By fully adopting the groundbreaking embryoscope time-lapse monitoring technology it:

  • Monitors all embryos with micro-cameras, under ideal cultivation conditions. This way, the embryos develop undisturbed and without the need to be taken out of the incubator and be placed under the microscope for monitoring.
  • Ensures an ideal environment for embryos to develop, free from human intervention, which simulates the mother’s endometrium.
  • Selects the most suitable embryos for transfer, with extreme accuracy, significantly increasing the success rates. The images and videos of the embryos taken by the micro-cameras are analyzed based on morphokinetic parameters, and the embryos are ranked depending on their implantation potential. Selecting the most suitable embryo for transfer reduces both the miscarriage rates and the time required to become pregnant.
  • Collects significant data, expanding the opportunities to apply artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

This increases the likelihood of becoming pregnant on the very first try!

All the couples who choose Institute of Life – IASO can rest assured that the procedures and techniques followed at the core of the Unit, the Embryology Lab, are carried out in absolute safety, making the most of what technology has to offer in the field of IVF.