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Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing or Sperm Cryopreservation is the process of preserving sperm cells for later use.
Cryopreservation of Sperm enables us to “freeze” time and in case of fertility for any reason, to have immediate availability of cryopreserved sperm.
It is considered a safe procedure, with no problems found in babies derived from cryopreserved sperm. As in women with eggs, so in men it is sometimes recommended to freeze sperm.

A common procedure that does not involve any concerns about the sperm and its quality and which is stored in suitable sperm banks.
The sperm is stored in a special solution called cryoprotectant, so that the sperm are completely protected inside it.
The use of the material can be done many years later, even a 15 year old with very good quality maintained and achieving pregnancy in the context of in vitro fertilization.
The reasons that force a man to freeze in his sperm are when they are few in quantity but also poor in quality.
Many times and for various reasons, small sperm production occurs. Sometimes a malignancy in a man’s genetic system can push him to undergo chemotherapy, destroying a large number of sperm. Early biopsy can have devastating consequences for sperm.
Notably, the quality of the sperm and the ability to fertilize a man’s partner’s egg has nothing to do with how strong and adequate the sexual life of the same person is.
In addition, in case of in vitro fertilization, nothing is left to chance. In this case, one of the most excellent sperm is selected to fertilize the egg and to produce an excellent and strong genetic material with all the characteristics of the individual’s DNA.
This eliminates several inherited or incurable diseases and provides the best possible health of the young fetus that is expected to conceive.
The selection of the correct sperm is made with the IMSI method through a high resolution microscope excluding abnormalities such as malformed head, body or tail of the sperm.
For when and which sperm will be frozen, as well as when it will be thawed, depends on the quality of the sperm chart, a test necessary for every man.
It is estimated that in every infertile couple the man is guilty by 45%.
But nothing is a given. A man may have a malformed sperm in a difficult phase of his life and the next moment everything is normal.
Andrologists, biologists, endocrinologists and of course gynecologists are the ones who together will provide key solutions through a series of tests for the best possible result.
Sperm is collected in two ways. Either by ejaculation or by special extraction through a simple epididymal surgery in which sperm samples are taken from the authorities.
This eliminates any abnormalities and most importantly the quality of the sperm remains as good as the fresh, after of course after thawing.
Sperm banks are completely safe both for preserving the sperm of a person who is interested in doing so on his own behalf, and in any other case, when someone wants to donate sperm.
If the sperm is used immediately, it is thawed a few hours before and is ready for use in the case of in vitro fertilization.
Sufficient quantity gives the couple hope without any other procedure to use the stored sperm for more than one IVF effort.
Many times a man’s profession is to blame for the quality and quantity of his sperm. Other times heavy again
Injuries to the spine cause irreparable damage to the genetic material.