Obstetrics Gynecology – MD, MSC, MMSC, Phd – Fertility Specialist

Awards Greek Export Forum

We are thrilled to announce that GARAVELAS MEDICAL GROUP has been awarded as the best exportable services company for implementing research practices, tools, and measuring customer satisfaction from the services we provide.
At GARAVELAS MEDICAL GROUP, our focus has always been on providing the highest quality medical services to our patients. We believe that research and feedback are essential to improving the services we offer, and we are proud to be recognized for our commitment to this principle.
Thank you to all our patients for trusting us with your healthcare needs. We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional care and service.


The 2023 organization of the Greek Exports Forum & Awards in collaboration with the Union of Diplomatic Officials of Economic & Commercial Affairs (ENDY OEY) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted and rewarded the businesses that distinguished themselves in the export sector. The event was attended by hundreds of guests, Business Executives, Diplomats of Embassies as well as Presidents of Chambers. 
In the Top Export Companies section, GARAVELAS MEDICAL GROUP received two (2) awards:
1- The GOLD as Top Export Company in Customer Satisfaction
2- The SILVER as Top Services Export company
Garavelas Medical Group specializes in assisted reproduction and covers: fertility, Assisted reproduction, IVF – In vitro Fertilization. The Garavelas Medical group is an official partner of the Institute of Life, one of the largest and most advanced Assisted Reproduction Centers in Europe, created within the framework of “Iaso”, the leading Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in Greece.
GARAVELAS MEDICAL GROUP was awarded the best exportable Services company that implements research practices and “tools” and measures customer satisfaction from the services it provides, utilizing the corresponding information.
GARAVELAS MEDICAL GROUP was awarded the most efficient service exporter.
The commitment of GARAVELAS Medical Group is to continue targetedly promoting its Services in traditional and emerging markets, with remarkable effectiveness in terms of European or global market penetration strategy. Principle of GARAVELAS Medical Group is the Satisfaction of the Dream of creating a Family by applying practices and “tools” of research and measurement of patient satisfaction with the services it provides