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Global scientific interest for Institute of Life – IASO research work!

Institute of Life will be featured in the International IVF Initiative! The world famous IVF Scientist Jacques Cohen has chosen the research of Institute of Life to be focussed in one of his famous webinars.

With the title “Maternal Spindle Transfer to Overcome Infertility” Institute of Life’s scientific collaborator and co-Founder of Embryotools Dr. Nuno Costa-Borges will talk about the pioneering work he has done with our patients suffering infertility problems due to poor oocyte-embryo quality.

In April 2019 the first child after maternal spindle transfer was born in Greece after special IVF treatment at Institute of Life with a woman with multiple failures.It is a great honour to be included in his weekly lectures which are followed by 1000’s by reproductive scientists and clinicians from around the world.

Assisted reproduction professionals who wish to hear more about this International breakthrough and its continuing success that happened at our clinic can register on the link below: https://us02web.zoom.us/…/reg…/WN_Xw666J-LQHG5XnVFPOrHfQ

Cytoplasmic enhancement for the treatment of infertility is something very close to Jacques Cohen, who initially worked with IVF pioneer Prof Bob Edwards in the early years of assisted reproduction, as he began investigating this treatment over 20 years ago.

The Online symposia will also feature the other scientists around the world working on this groundbreaking research and acclaimed Harvard University Ethicists, Professor Eli Adashi.Some of the Institute of Life’s team involved in the first birth of maternal spindle transfer; to date 5 healthy children have been born using the maternal spindle transfer technique which aims at helping women with repeated IVF failures.The 5 children that have been born are being monitored based on a special pediatric follow-up protocol.