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News – Announcement

We would like to inform you that on October 10th 2022 Dr. Garavelas Attanasio will be in #Rome, Italy for medical consultations.

Address in Rome: Centro Medico Axia Medica, Viale Parioli 90, Roma
• October 8th Dr. Garavelas Attanasio will be in #Milan – Italy. 

Address in Milan: Studio Medico Pileri, Corso Venezia 39, Milan 

At Garavelas Medical Group we offer female-friendly IVF treatments that delivers better health outcomes for mothers and babies. Our pioneering approach to IVF focuses on the quality of eggs, rather than quantity. 

Our gentler fertility treatments offers to women the best chance of success and reduces the emotional, physical and financial burden associated with IVF. We use the latest scientific techniques and technology, such as advanced ultrasound scanning, to assess your individual circumstances. We then design a personalised treatment plan based on your needs to offer you the best chance of success. 

At Garavelas Medical Group we understand that every woman is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fertility treatment. This is why we offer bespoke, tailored treatment plans suited specifically to your body. Dr. Garavelas looking forward to meet you in person and discuss for your possible fertility treatment. For the best planning of your appointment, as appointments are limited, please call +39 327 944 9129 or send us an email: segreteria@garavelas.it