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We invest in Life

Our clinic ”The Institute of Life” is the #first unit in Greece that installed and operates in its laboratory the new innovative Geri incubators, in the context of the full #timelapse monitoring of its embryos!

Geri® is an innovative new technology incubator with integrated capabilities for continuous (24th) monitoring of embryos with microcameras. Designed to provide a personalized and undisturbed #incubation_environment, it helps to achieve optimal, non-disruptive, growing conditions to improve the #quality and #viability of embryos.

In addition:

➡Improves pregnancy achievement rates

➡Maintains the fetus at the appropriate, normal body temperature, simulating the endometrial environment

➡Applies undisturbed culture of embryos in a environment of normal humidity reducing in-vitro stress

➡ Its advanced software supports the evaluation of embryos, being a useful tool for the experienced clinical embryologist.